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Nickel Free

Nickel-Free Plating is a type of hypoallergenic plating. Nickel is a highly durable metal that holds its color well and has a reasonable price tag; understandably why it is one of the most popular materials of choice for jewelry manufacturers. Unfortunately, some people are sensitive to it. The obvious alternative is Nickel-Free plating, but Accent Plating believes you shouldn’t have to compromise or change your intended end-product. So we decided to offer our customers both Nickel and Nickel-Free plating – on-site.

Nickel’s powerful coloring effects can be produced with the same results as our Nickel-Free processes. We offer Nickel-Free in the following plating processes in a choice of precious metals, Rack Plating, Barrel Plating and Basket Plating. Most of our competitors can’t compete with this variety of options. Nickel-free Plating is a type of

We adhere to the European standard for Nickel-Free, which means it cannot contain more than .05% Nickel.

Nickel-Free Finishes: Platinum, Gold (14k, 18k, 24k), Auruna Gold, Sterling Silver, Imitation Rhodium, Rhodium, Black, Ruthenium, Gun Metal, Silver Ox, Brass Ox, and Copper Ox.